About us


JEME is a Junior Enterprise: a non-profit student association that provides professional consulting services to businesses. Since 1988 we have been helping companies, organizations and startups to grow their business and develop in Italy and abroad.

Jeme’s mission is to offer quality strategic and managerial consultancy services, highly customized to the needs of its customers, in the desire to constantly exceed the initial expectations of the interlocutor, based in particular on data and an objective approach and analytical to the same.

And it is precisely from this approach that the vision of growth of the associates develops, both from a professional and personal point of view, thanks to the experience of working in a reality active in the consultancy field since the early years of university, which leads to the internalization of corporate administrative dynamics and to the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

In a strong and rooted culture, the aim is to make our associates grow both from a working and an associative point of view. “Training as remuneration” and “learning by doing” are the two fundamental concepts that best represent the reality of the association.

Proactivity, ambition, team spirit, result orientation and attention to detail represent the set of values that drive our association towards a collaborative and exchange culture that helps us and our customers to realize aspirations, to trust people and to enhance their talent

About Us

Our Associates

JEME brings together highly motivated students so that together they discover new knowledge and have the courage to put it into practice in order to produce results of strong impact and marked by excellence, constantly working in teams with the support of generations of Alumni.