About us


JEME is a Junior Enterprise: a non-profit student association that provides professional consulting services to businesses. Since 1988 we have been helping companies, organizations and startups to grow their business and develop in Italy and abroad.

Jeme’s mission is to offer quality strategic and managerial consultancy services, highly customized to the needs of its customers, in the desire to constantly exceed the initial expectations of the interlocutor, based in particular on data and an objective approach and analytical to the same.

And it is precisely from this approach that the vision of growth of the associates develops, both from a professional and personal point of view, thanks to the experience of working in a reality active in the consultancy field since the early years of university, which leads to the internalization of corporate administrative dynamics and to the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

In a strong and rooted culture, the aim is to make our associates grow both from a working and an associative point of view. “Training as remuneration” and “learning by doing” are the two fundamental concepts that best represent the reality of the association

About Us

Our Associates

JEME brings together highly motivated students so that together they discover new knowledge and have the courage to put it into practice in order to produce results of strong impact and marked by excellence, constantly working in teams with the support of generations of Alumni.


What we believe in

Proactivity, ambition, team spirit, result orientation and attention to detail represent the set of values that drive our association towards a collaborative and exchange culture that helps us and our customers to realize aspirations, to trust people and to enhance their talent


Experience in JEME

  • "When I joined JEME in September 2019, the then President in office welcomed me and my new colleagues and suggested that we gave to JEME the best of us because we would receive much more back. In over a year and a half, I was able to experience firsthand how much this advice reflected the truth. In JEME every day you breathe in the ambition and entrepreneurship of the associates, you are involved in complex administrative activities, worthy of a real company, and you face a professional world otherwise unattainable at our age. JEME allows coming into direct contact with different companies in continuous development, in my case I worked with realities that operate in the Virtual Reality and Large Organized Distribution fields, and it gave me the possibility to meet and interact with brilliant entrepreneurs. On the other hand, JEME is also a group of friends, always ready to go the extra mile for each other, therefore I am honored to hold this position, with the aim of giving back to JEME and the people who make it up everything they have given me up to now."
    Aurelio TempestaGeneral Secretary
  • "JEME and the university adventure have always been an indissoluble combination for me, in JEME I have been able to find extremely capable, motivated and curious people who have made me grow, they have taught me the importance of team working in order to reach a bigger goal. JEME is the clear expression of how the determination of young people, combined with experience and the desire to get involved, can generate real human and professional value."
    Pierluigi CamadiniInternational Manager
  • "Working in JEME I had the opportunity to put into practice what I was studying and to learn the dynamics of the consulting world. JEME represents for me an extraordinarily innovative and entrepreneurial reality. Through the skills acquired in class, we are able to provide a young and far-sighted point of view to our customers. The integration of international students within JEME has allowed us to broaden our spectrum of skills and expand our customer base. In 33 years of history, JEME has never stopped providing services of ever-increasing quality and representing the benchmark for other Junior Enterprises, not only in Italy, but also in Europe. My goal is to keep developing this reality, in the spirit of our founders."
    Guido ReyneriTreasurer
  • "My career in JEME has given me the most beautiful things you can expect from an experience parallel to the academic world: awareness, growth and sincere friendships. For me, JEME was the chance to experiment with new roles, get out of the comfort zone, broaden my horizons and understand what my strengths were. At the same time, it has provided me with the tools and opportunities to work on my weaknesses. I truly believe that although my professional path is still largely to be built, the growth of these years can be a significant multiplier for my future experiences, and for this, I will be forever grateful. Finally, I believe that human capital, people, are the real strength of JEME, what pushes everyone to give their best, with the awareness of what, with hard work, we can create for ourselves and for others. . In the associates, as well as colleagues, I found friends with whom to share passions and interests."
    Giulia FerroVice President
  • "I joined JEME at the beginning of the second year of my Bachelor. From the first moment, I was exposed to several terrific projects, one in the luxury sector and one in the Organizational Network Analysis sector. I then had the opportunity to work as a Project Manager for two projects, one of which for a world organization for research on liver diseases and another for a startup that develops hypercars. At the same time, I also worked in the Sales area, focusing on the vertical of Incubators and Venture Capitals. Starting from this semester, I have been holding the role of Vice President of the Board of Directors"
    Matteo CorsiPresident