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Entry strategies into new markets

What Is a Market Entry Strategy?

A Market Entry Strategy is a roadmap designed to help companies successfully introduce their products or services into new marketplaces. Such a strategy is designed to ensure the well-executed launch of the offerings into an unexplored markets, minimising the associated risks. A plan for entering a new market consists of different stages, including internal company research, market analysis, competitors’ analysis and legal analysis.

Why a Market Entry Strategy is Important for Your Business?

A comprehensive research of the market provides valuable insights into the economic landscape, serving as a pivotal determinant for the success of any firm.

A market entry strategy is particularly crucial for start-ups, providing competitor analysis and an overview of the characteristics of their target market persona. This knowledge allows companies to make informed decisions and increase their chances of achieving sustainable growth. Our clients gain insights into customer acquisition costs, allowing them to optimize their marketing budget and maximize return on investment. With a clear roadmap for success, you’ll be better positioned to attract investors and secure funding for future growth.

Such a strategy is also beneficial for established companies planning their expansion into other countries or different verticals within their current operative country. By understanding market dynamics, developed firms can optimise their resource usage, leverage their experience and capitalise opportunities, giving them the ability to successfully expand internationally.

  • Due to our international associates and extensive network of 33,000 Junior Entrepreneurs across the world, we continuously strive to further enrich our knowledge about foreign markets.
  • Moreover, due to our deep knowledge of the Italian market, we assist foreign companies trying to enter Italy. Crucially, our legal team provides our clients with essential knowledge on the relevant regulations, ensuring the smooth international expansion of any company.


JEME’s Market Entry Strategic Consulting

JEME provides a full spectrum of business consultancy services for companies seeking to enter a new market entry or expand internationally. The market entry strategy offered by JEME unfolds in multiple phases:

  • Internal analysis of the company allows us to the evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the firm and to formulate a list of areas for improvement to maximize potential growth.
  • Market Analysis includes:
    • Demand analysis which focuses on researching customer preferences within an industry. This analysis ensures the company’s offerings can effectively satisfy market needs, contributing to the success of the expansion.
    • Supply analysis includes the evaluation of trends, competition, and potential opportunities or threats. This analysis can prevent companies from entering markets where profitability is limited due to an oversaturated landscape.
  • Competitors analysis helps businesses understand the competitive landscape and identify areas toposition themselves in the market. It includes research of the marketing, sales and financing strategies of other industry players. This helps identify opportunities for differentiation, facilitating the creation of a winning strategy.
  • Sector benchmark analysis, which involves comparing companies with the best in the industry and learning from them
  • Legal Analysis offered upon client request. JEME provides legal analysis to outline the requirements that a company must meet to operate in Italy.


Our Success Stories

  • inVRision – by JEME Bocconi Studenti: JEME’s partnership with inVRsion extended beyond a typical client relationship. The in-depth analysis, completed in under 40 days, provided significant results. JEME identified potential customers for inVRsion’s virtual reality solutions and highlighted the company’s strengths through market and internal process analysis. This resulted in a business plan outlining a strategic roadmap for inVRsion’s growth. The impact was astonishing: inVRsion secured a double investment round totaling 9 million euros within weeks, implying a successful partnership.
  • eSports – by Junior Enterprise JEME Bocconi Studenti: JEME significantly impacted the client’s understanding of the Italian eSports market. They considered both consumer demand (preferences, demographics) and market supply (competitors, business models) through various methods: secondary source research, expert consultations, and comparisons with mature markets. JEME then used these insights to project the market’s evolution and identify key success factors. This comprehensive analysis provided the client with valuable information to shape their eSports event strategy.