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Entry strategies into new markets

In a large or small business, one of the most complex aspects of corporate life is the strategy of entering a new market.

Whether it is an internationalization project to expand into the foreign market or a diversification project (interface with a totally new market for the business), it is important to make an in-depth analysis of the new market to allow the company to successfully conquer it.

JEME Bocconi Studenti offers business consulting services both to international companies interested in entering the Italian market, and to national companies interested in expanding their activities across borders.

Conquering new markets

The JEME team can help foreign companies to define an analysis of access to the Italian market starting from a market analysis of the same, highlighting the criticalities and possible solutions of a new product in the Italian market.

Thanks to the presence of resources with legal training, at the request of the client, JEME provides a legal analysis to define the requirements that a company must meet to operate in Italy.

JEME also defines an adequate sales and distribution strategy, consistent with the peculiarities of the product and the Italian market.

JEME is based in Milan, the country’s economic capital, and was born in one of the most famous business schools in Europe.

JEME Bocconi guarantees a privileged observation point on the Italian market, which helps us to provide the client with high added value advice for any strategy, even towards new emerging markets.