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Business plan consultancy

What Is a Business Plan?

A business plan is a document that outlines a company’s goals and how it intends to achieve them. It is a fundamental tool for both startups and well-established companies.

How Can a Business Plan Benefit Your Business?

A comprehensive business plan for startups can be essential to attract potential investors and secure financial support. In fact, banks and venture capital firms often require seeing a business development plan before considering providing capital.

Furthermore, established companies utilize business plans to maintain focus and ensure alignment with their long-term objectives.

Ideally, a company’s strategic plan should be reviewed and refreshed periodically to reflect any goals that have been achieved or may have changed.

JEME’s Business Plan Services

JEME offers a comprehensive overview of all business plan elements. The most common are:

  • Executive Summary outlines the business characteristics and showcases the uniqueness and potential for success in a single-page document. It introduces the company and summarizes the most relevant information about the company, such as its leaders, employees, operations, and locations.
  • Market Analysis can be divided into two macro-phases:
    • Demand Analysis involves researching the company’s industry and gaining a deep understanding of the market. We extract valuable insights about the behaviour and preferences of your target customers to allow your company to grow.
    • Supply Analysis, which includes the evaluation of trends, competition, and potential opportunities or threats. This research helps businesses understand the competitive landscape and identify areas to  position themselves in the market.
  • The Product or Service Offering involves describing the products and services a business offers or plans to introduce in the foreseeable future, specifying the pricing, lifespan, and unique benefits to the consumer. It’s essential to communicate the value proposition of the offerings and how they meet the target market’s needs.
  • The Strategy is designed to attain the company’s objectives by capitalizing on its internal resources, including the skills and knowledge of its employees, infrastructure, equipment, technology, and organizational culture. Moreover, it seeks to leverage external resources such as contractors, consultants, vendors, and partnerships with other businesses in the market.
  • The Business Model combines organizational and strategic approaches, allowing the company to achieve a competitive edge over rivals. It is summarized in the Business Model Canvas, a one-page overview of the key organizational solutions and resources and a section on the value proposition the company aims to convey.
  • Financial Analysis offers a detailed examination of anticipated revenue streams, expenses, profit margins, and cash flow forecasts for the business. Such information is analyzed from financial statements, balance sheets, and other relevant sources.

Our Success Stories

In recent years, JEME has successfully crafted detailed business plans for numerous clients. Here are some examples:

About the Client:  inVRsion

InVRsion is a company specializing in the simulation of environments in ultra-realistic Virtual Reality for industries ranging from CPG and Retail to Fashion, Real Estate, Interior Design, and much more.

How Did JEME Help Them Develop?

JEME developed a comprehensive strategic plan for the innovative start-up. This business plan was showcased to potential investors to secure additional funding and to participate in a European Union grant opportunity.

The business plan was structured into three macro-phases: market analysis, a description of internal processes and resources, and a description of the company vision and strategies to be implemented.


The team was able to finish the project in less than 40 days, and the success achieved by the start-up was remarkable: inVRsion was able to conclude a double round of investment, securing a total of 4.5 million euros.

The company appreciated the work carried out by JEME, which enabled our continued partnership. Since then, we have completed additional projects with them.

About the client:  Zenati

Zenati Automobili is a start-up developing an innovative and ultra-technological hyper car. JEME was asked to complete a thorough business plan for Zenati, tailored to secure financing from potential investors.

How Did JEME Help Them Develop?

Following an in-depth market analysis utilizing primary and secondary sources, the team collaborated closely with the client to define the business model. This included the characteristics of the first hyper car model that was due to be launched.


 Zenati was able to sign a financing agreement with the help of our business model. Once again, the client was fully satisfied with the work performed by JEME and opted to maintain contact with the team, entrusting us with additional projects to further assist Zenati in their mission.