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The passion for the automotive and design sectors pushed Gianpiero Zenati, a startupper with advanced skills in technical design and in the use of design and graphics application software, to create an innovative and ultra-technological hypercar. Both the interiors and the exterior aspect of the car are conceived to make its shapes harmonious, sinuous and faithful to the made in Italy design.

Initial situation

The context of the project presented a more than positive trend, both in the general market and in the luxury-premium one, with positive estimates also for the future. Therefore, it was necessary to structure an analysis that supported the customer’s philosophy and the nature of the sector, that is, that was not based only on an exclusively product-centric vision, but that saw a second focal point in customer satisfaction.

JEME’s contribution

  • JEME has developed a complete Business Plan for the client, aimed at obtaining financing from investors potentially interested in the idea, but who needed to verify the soundness of the business model.
  • The team that successfully completed the project consisted of 8 operational resources led by two project managers.
  • After an in-depth market analysis, carried out on both primary and secondary sources, taking into account both supply and demand, the team defined in detail, alongside the customer, the business model including the characteristics of the first hypercar model that had to be launched, combined with pre and post-sales services.
  • During the development of the project, the main strengths of the product were defined and what should have been the optimal path to penetrate the reference sector.

JEME’s impact

At the end of this first collaboration, the client was so enthusiastic about JEME’s work that he decided to maintain contact with the association, to be followed in case of further needs.

The path undertaken with JEME led to the success of the idea, evidenced by the fact that the entrepreneur has recently signed a financing agreement with an important holding company to build the first prototypes.

What the customer says about us

“The team immediately demonstrated great professionalism and seriousness in the technical aspects as well as in the management ones. The guys on the team were in fact characterized by a skill that I would dare to define multifaceted in the approach to the various phases of the project and by a truly effective problem solving ability. […] My business project will certainly benefit from this extraordinary cooperation.”