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What is the Advisory Board?

JEME can rely on its Alumni, a group of nationally and internationally established professionals who keep on collaborating with the association, offering their guidance to the team in the long-term strategy decisions and structural changes.

  • Christian ChristodulopulosPARTNER at Long Term Partners (LTP)/ OC&C Italy (since July 2013)
    "Christian Christodulopulos, Bocconi alumno graduated with honors in Business Administration and Management, joined JEME in 1998, becoming a member of the board in 1999. In the same year Christian held the position of vice president and, subsequently, president of JADE Italia, the confederation Italian of the Junior Enterprise. Christian has been a member of the JEME Bocconi Studenti Advisory Board since January 2014. After studying at Bocconi, in 2001 Christian started as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs, where he focused on M&A and Corporate Finance projects for the major oil and energy companies in Europe and the USA. Two years later he became a Senior Financial Analyst at Credit Suisse First Boston. Here he followed the sale of KVS to Veritas for US $ 225 million, and subsequently elected as 'Exit of the Year'. In June 2004 Christian joined Bain & Company, where he worked for over 9 years. He has been an Associate Partner of Long Term Partners for five years."
  • Francesco SaccoProfessor at SDA Bocconi Board, Member at S3K S.p.A.
    "As well as being an important member of the Advisory Board, Francesco Sacco is the founder of JEME Bocconi, along with seven other students. Thus began the story of JEME in 1988, and Francesco Sacco is one of its major protagonists. Francesco Sacco was a member of the Steering Board for the implementation of the Digital Agenda of the Italian Government during the Letta Government and of the working group for the Organization of the Public Administration of the Extraordinary Commissioner Cottarelli for the Review of Public Spending. Since 1993 he has been a professor at Bocconi University, as well as at the University of Insubria. Since 2017 he has been Founding Partner of Algo Finance Sagl, a company that provides development, management, assistance and consulting services in the field of financial algorithms, and since the same year he has held the position of Senior Partner of the external accelerator Corporate Hangar. Francesco Sacco represents a very important point of reference for both Associates and alumni, perfectly representing the values ​​of our Junior Enterprise."
  • Francesco UtiziAssociate Partner at EY- Parthenon (since Jan 2019)
    "Francesco Utizi, who joined JEME in 1998 reaching the position of Project Manager, graduated from the Bachelor of Business Administration in 2003. He started his professional career working as an Analyst until 2006 at Deloitte Financial Services, continuing as Manager at KPMG until 2010. Over the next two years he led the restructuring plan of EVR Media - Proel Group, then continuing the his career in strategic consulting at Long Term Partners as a Senior Associate. In 2019 he then moved to EY-Parthenon where he still holds the position of Associate Partner."
  • Giacomo FarinatiAssociate at Legance - Avvocati Associati (since Jun 2020)
    "Giacomo Farinati specializes in banking, finance and digital payments law. In particular, with regard to his role within the Legance law firm, he has provided assistance to financial institutions and banking intermediaries - Italian and foreign - in relation to financing operations aimed at the acquisition of real estate assets, as well as in the context of financing corporate and debt restructuring. Giacomo carries out consultancy as an advisor for various SMEs, has collaborated with the Legal, Strategic and Corporate Affairs department of Nexi, a company listed on the MTA list of the Italian Stock Exchange and is still part of the world of Junior Enterprise thanks to the dual position of member of the '' Advisory Board of JE Italy (Italian Confederation of Junior Enterprise) and of JEME. His experience in JEME, which began in 2016, is very rich and fruitful. He has not only held the role of treasurer and Vice President, but has also worked as a Public Relations Manager at JE Italy."
  • Giovanni PetruzzelliBusiness Analyst at McKinsey & Company (since May 2019)
    "Graduated with full marks in Business Administration and Management from Bocconi University, in 2019 he graduated from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. He joins JEME in 2016 where he plays the role of Project Manager for several projects. He began his career in 2018 as a Business Analyst at Uber. The same year he moved to Google where he did an internship in the innovation area at the Irish office. He currently holds the role of Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company."
  • Luca CapuanoInvestment Manager at Fondo Strategico Italiano (FSI) - Member of the Leader of the Future 2021 program - Member of Nova Talent
    "Luca Capuano graduated in 2013 with full marks after attending the Master of Science in Accounting, Financial management and control at Bocconi University. During his university career he faces the reality of JEME, where, starting from 2012, he will cover various roles up to cover that of president in 2013. His working career, geared towards the world of finance, began at the Italian Strategic Fund, first covering the role of Junior Associate and then that of Associate in 2015. Currently, in addition to holding the role of Investment Manager at the same Fund (FSI), he is also a member of the Leader del Futuro 2021 program, a service developed by The European House-Ambrosetti. Finally, since March 2021, he is a member of Nova Talent, the global by-invitation-only top-talent network."
  • Marco BerrinzoniBP Costs and Cost Management at Nexi (since Nov 2018)
    "Marco Berrinzoni, who joined JEME in 2005, spent his entire university career at Bocconi University, first attending the Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and then the Master of Science in Administration, Finance and Control. During his period of study he also participated in two internships: the first at Value Lab, an innovative Management and Information Technology Consulting Company, specializing in Marketing, Sales and Retailing. In 2008, however, at BNP Paribas, in the M&A area. After completing his academic career, he joined the Barilla group, where he held various positions, from that of Controlling Manager of various products, to that of Manager of Strategic Planning, working both in Parma and in Paris. In May 2016 he started his career at LVMH as Controlling Manager for Acqua di Parma, an experience concluded in 2018 with the transfer to Nexi as Cost Control Manager."
  • Maria Elena ManicaSenior Consultant at Leoni Corporate Advisors (since Feb 2016)
    "Maria Elena Manica joined JEME in 2011 until she held the role of Secretary General in 2012. After graduating in 2014, attending the Master of Science Management, she began her career at L'Oreal, working in the Marketing sector. Her journey continues in Procter & Gamble where she has taken part in activities and projects aimed at improving the shopper experience and increasing sales. Also in 2014 she continued her career in Marketing, this time however working for Samsung and the following year for Purple Network. She currently holds the position of Senior Consultant at Leoni Corporate Advisors, thus focusing her experience in the luxury and high-end consumer goods retail sector."
  • Maxim MoncalvoRevenue Growth Management (RGM) Lead at Kimberly-Clark (since May 2020)
    "Maxim Moncalvo graduated in International Management in 2018, participating in the CEMS MIM program. He joined JEME in 2014, also carrying out the role of Communications Manager. He began his career as an Associate Consultant Intern at Bain & Company, where he supported a senior credit management team in the energy sector. His career continued in the Kraft Heinz Company, where he held various roles from Analyst Revenue Growth Management (RGM) to becoming Finance Manager of the category. He currently leads the management of revenue growth at Kliberly-Clark. Since September 2014, he has also represented Bocconi University during presentations at trade fairs and during university events around Italy. He also managed the relationship between the University and other educational and research institutes."
  • Niccolò MassucciConsultant at Boston Consulting Group in Tokyo (since Dec 2019)
    "Niccolò Massucci, graduated in International Management in 2016 by participating in the Cems program, held the role of president at Jeme in 2014. He started his professional career in 2017 by working as a Visiting Associate at the Boston Consulting Group, becoming an Associate in May 2017 and a Senior Associate two years later. Also in the same year, his work continued in Tokyo, where he holds the role of Consultant in BCG."
  • Ruggiero ValenteAssistant Investment Manager at Sagitta Sgr spa
    "Ruggiero Valente, who graduated in Finance in 2015, was Associate Consultant in Jeme from 2013 to 2014. His career focused on Investment Banking, began in 2014 at Banca IMI in the Debt Capital Market sector: two years later he became an Investment Analyst at Europa Investimenti Corporate Finance. His career continues at europa Investimenti S.p.a where he acquires the role of Investment Associate. In 2019 he moved to Sagitta sgr spa where he currently holds the role of Assistant Investment Manager."