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Our Alumni and their lives after JEME

JEME has always considered the relationship between its members and those who, once the associative experience has ended, wish to keep in touch with its associative and entrepreneurial reality of fundamental importance. For this reason, JEME can count on a group of nationally and internationally established professionals who continue to collaborate with the association, offering their experience to guide the team in long-term strategy decisions and structural improvement.

A learning and collaboration experience

The Alumni network, which remembers more than 500 alumni 35 years after the founding of JEME, is constantly growing. In addition, many of them have progressed in their careers, establishing themselves in senior positions in various business sectors such as consulting or finance.

Strongly convinced that its greatest asset lies in human capital, over the years JEME has promoted the creation of a real network of friendship and working relationships that foster the career and especially the training of its members. All this was possible through the regular organization of dinners and events open to all Alumni, which are excellent opportunities for networking and discussion.

The importance of the network that has been created between associates and Alumni, however, is not due solely to the valid advice and suggestions of the last, but to a collaborative relationship that is established with them and that is realized in any partnerships or in training and training.

The teachings, given by specialized consultants, focus on technical and operational aspects related to the activities carried out by the association and are a fundamental complement to the purely theoretical notions learned in class. Furthermore, in 2018, the JEME4u initiative was launched for which each Jemino was associated with an Alumno through a matching process in which the affinities between associate and alumno were sought in terms of both skills and associate wished to develop that from a personal point of view, therefore of interests and ambitions; JEME4u has allowed Alumni to be even more involved in the current reality of JEME, having a constant interaction with the associates and being even more personally involved in the growth path of the associates and of JEME.

This relationship helps JEME to ensure the high professionalism and excellent preparation of its members over time. In fact, one of the main points that JEME has to deal with is the high turnover of its members. The reason is certainly to be found in its structure made up of students, which consequently makes the permanence in the association closely linked to their university career. This apparent criticality is filled and transformed into a strength thanks to internal and external training programs on an almost weekly basis, which allow new members not only to acquire the necessary know-how but also to continuously bring new ideas into the association. Thus, being able to deal with established professionals on the problems encountered during their work represents an important opportunity for members to remain an excellent and valuable reality.

The title of Alumnus not only entitles you to participate in the Alumni community, social dinners and other events promoted by the Association, but also to apply as a member of the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is a body which, although external to JEME, is strongly linked to it. It is made up of about ten Alumni particularly interested in the reality of the association, who are committed to supporting JEME with their experience and direct and active support. The first Advisory Board, established in 2016, represents an important step on the path of consolidating relationships within the Alumni network as it aims to be a new privileged channel for collaboration and the exchange of ideas and resources as well as a means and a way to receive help and support in the matters of competence of the Advisors. The wealth of experience accumulated by these professionals is an aspect of which JEME is strongly aware. The network of former associates represents, in fact, a fundamental asset which, if supported in the correct way, will become more and more of added value for the entire growth of the associates and the association.

About us

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JEME can count on a group of Alumni, nationally and internationally established professionals, who continue to collaborate with the association, offering their experience to guide the team in long-term strategy decisions and structural change.