Our services

Unconventional business consulting services

In order to adapt to the complex requests of its customers, JEME is able to perform services that are not those typically offered by a business consulting company.

These services are provided both within larger projects, such as a market analysis or the structuring of a business plan, and in particular situations and cases.

Mistery shopping

Mystery Shopping is a service specially offered by JEME, which is carried out to verify the effectiveness of the overall experience that customers have throughout their relationship with the company.

Mystery Shopping is designed to check the correct application of company directives and carry out an independent test of the quality of the services offered.

The system is based on a “hidden” analysis that allows you to directly control the staff and all the figures who act as a link between the company and the end user.


In carrying out the various services, JEME very often makes use of primarily quantitative research questionnaires consisting of a grid of rigidly formalized and standardized questions addressed to customers.

In particular, it is a tool that through the collection of data, allows the obtaining of information of various kinds, which can be analyzed from a statistical point of view and easily generalized.

In-depth interviews

In carrying out the analyzes, JEME Bocconi often makes use of the knowledge and opinion of professors, former students or, in general, individuals with great experience in the sector under study.

The objective is in fact to access the perspective of those who are endowed with a specific competence or relevant characteristic, collecting a large amount of technical and behavioral details.

Focus groups

These are qualitative interviews conducted jointly on a small number of carefully selected people, which are brought together to discuss specific analysis issues.

JEME therefore uses interviews mainly when there is a need to understand in depth the opinions, behaviors and attitudes of the public.

The information comes from the dynamics of the group discussion; the most interesting results are in fact those produced by the contrast between the different points of view.