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Strategic positioning analysis on the market

When we talk about strategic positioning on the market, we refer to a study which, using a previous definition of the target customer, as well as an analysis of the competitors already existing on the market, defines the optimal positioning of the company’s business.

Carrying out the analysis of the strategic positioning on the market is therefore essential to define the formulation of the strategy that a particular company decides to implement, because it allows to detect the current situation and the one desired for the future. The objective of the study conducted by JEME is in fact to identify an “empty space” within the market sector such as to guarantee the possibility of expansion and development.

Research Paper

JEME, in meeting the disparate needs of its customers, has ventured on several occasions in the design and drafting of specific research papers with respect to a particular topic of high relevance.

Thanks to its innovative approach, proximity to the academic environment of the university and the intelligent application of the analytical skills of its members, JEME Bocconi Studenti is able to produce research works of the highest quality and technical caliber. JEME has proven to be perfectly up to and able to expand the literature currently present on a particular topic, bringing disruptive results from careful studies based on the analysis of concrete data and a systematic approach to primary sources.

COVID Evaluation

The COVID evaluation is a market validation in which, starting from a customer’s idea, the aim is to resolve the uncertainty associated with it.

In order to carry out this analysis accurately and reliably, we rely on in-depth questionnaires and interviews carried out solely on the target of interest to the customer, the project structure is highly standardized but at the same time adapts very flexibly to the needs of the individual customer. The basic idea of this service is to understand the perception linked to a product / service, in order to be able to test the possible market for it effectively and quickly.