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The request of the client, Deloitte Luxembourg, consisted in the creation of a White Paper, containing information relating to the current state of the Italian Asset Management market and the major disruptive elements of the industry, to be presented at a conference to be held in Luxembourg in the following months.

Initial situation

The Asset Management market in Italy is experiencing a prolonged period of growth, as shown by the positive results of the main funds and portfolios. Investors see more and more attractive investment potential in these funds, both thanks to the diversification possibilities they offer and to the professional skills of financial operators.

In this context, however, several changes are expected that will offer new opportunities and challenges for the players in the sector.

JEME’s contribution

  • JEME has created a White Paper on the Asset Management market in Italy, gathering the necessary information through secondary sources and the opinions of industry experts who have contributed to making the work complete and in-depth.
  • The team that produced the report, written in English, was made up of 10 operational resources led by a project manager.
  • The study analyzed the Asset Management market in Italy through different perspectives: after a preliminary descriptive overview of the history of investments in Italy, the market under analysis was included in this context. In fact, the characteristics, the main reference funds and their relative trends over time on the national territory were analyzed. Subsequently, the paper studied the distribution model of these identified funds, identifying the main players in the sector and understanding the degree of concentration of the same. Furthermore, the profile of the Italian investor was outlined, in order to better understand the demand side and its specific needs. To give a more complete view of the market, the regulatory challenges that could have involved Asset Management were then analyzed, understanding the possible impacts on it. Finally, the last chapter of the paper was dedicated to digital revolutions, such as Reg Tech, Robo Advisory, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, and to the implications that their diffusion could cause on this market.

JEME’s impact

  • Thanks to our analyzes, it has been possible to publish a research, now publicly available, thus expanding the existing literature with a study based on concrete data. In particular, the paper offers an all-round view of the reference sector, integrating the characteristics of demand with those of supply and with future trends that may lead to significant changes in the same market.
  • Our team had the opportunity to present the study at the conference in Luxembourg. The realization of this project gave us the opportunity to establish a lasting collaboration with Deloitte, which led to the commission of a second job.