Board of Directors


The Board of Directors has a guiding and controlling role towards the association, carrying out the audit function on projects and directing the internal and external activities of JEME

  • Michele CalvoTreasurer
  • Matteo Angelo NormannoVice President
  • Pierluigi CamadiniPresident
  • Alessandro PaladinoSecretary General
  • Elia CepparoInternational Manager

Area Heads


The association is internally organized into five operational areas: Audit, Commercial, JEME International, Communication and IT, and Organization and Development. The internal work develops in a matrix structure: each member is part of an area whose management is entrusted to an area manager

  • Mario De MatteisHead of Audit & IT
  • Emma TitomanlioHead of Marketing & Communication
  • Carolina PoggioliHead of Organization & Development
  • Lorenzo CarboniHead of Sales & Business Development


Within JEME, students with a strong motivation to acquire new knowledge in order to achieve impactful and excellent results, thanks to the constant support of generations of Alumni and teamwork, are brought together

  • Federico PascoliniAssociate Consultant
  • Matteo BlasioliSenior Associate
  • Matteo CattadoriSenior Associate
  • Ludovica PantanoAssociate Consultant
  • Aurelio TempestaAssociate Consultant
  • Armando BianchimanoAssociate Consultant
  • Sofia CastelloAssociate Consultant
  • Guido ReyneriAssociate Consultant
  • Guglielmo FornaroAssociate Consultant
  • Isacco BertéAssociate Consultant
  • Zaira AntonicelliAssociate Consultant
  • Sara BernasconiAssociate Consultant
  • Andrea CarvelliAssociate Consultant
  • Riccardo CellaAssociate Consultant
  • Pietro CremaschiAssociate Consultant
  • Marta Giulia FrancesconAssociate Consultant
  • Edoardo GabrielliAssociate Consultant
  • Moriz MartinerAssociate Consultant
  • Alessandro MedicoAssociate Consultant
  • Michele OnoratiAssociate Consultant
  • Riccardo PozziAssociate Consultant
  • Giorgio CrociAssociate Consultant
  • Melissa RosenbergAssociate Consultant
  • Matteo Di LenardaAssociate Consultant
  • Guido MazzacuvaAssociate Consultant
  • Eman Atta MaanAssociate Consultant
  • Francesco Dalla BonaAssociate Consultant
  • Pierleone Even-ShosanAssociate Consultant
  • Sara IlicAssociate Consultant
  • Lorenzo MerciAssociate Consultant
  • Chiara BalestraAssociate Consultant
  • Riccardo PozzatiAssociate Consultant
  • Carla GrecoAssociate Consultant
  • Edoardo BologneseAssociate Consultant
  • Gabriele MengoAssociate Consultant
  • Antonio D’AmbrosioAssociate Consultant
  • Antonio Pio MaudeAssociate Consultant
  • Francesco PastrelloAssociate Consultant
  • Andrea ValacchiAssociate Consultant
  • Ludovico BonucchiAssociate Consultant
  • Aiste BielinyteAssociate Consultant
  • Harshit PareekAssociate Consultant
  • Elia GiustAssociate Consultant
  • Alberto CifrodelliAssociate Consultant
  • Pietro VignolaAssociate Consultant
  • Sebastiano MinaAssociate Consultant
  • Maria LanzaAssociate Consultant
  • Laurin HauprichAssociate Consultant
  • Henrique Silva MuzziAssociate Consultant
  • Vlad MarcuAssociate Consultant
  • Carlotta MantelliAssociate Consultant
  • Yuhao ZhouAssociate Consultant
  • Ioannis NtogiasAssociate Consultant
  • Oliviero TruccoAssociate Consultant
  • Lidia DurbianoAssociate Consultant
  • Elan MolkoAssociate Consultant