Board of Directors


The Board of Directors has a guiding and controlling role towards the association, carrying out the audit function on projects and directing the internal and external activities of JEME

  • Aurelio TempestaGeneral Secretary
    Aurelio TempestaGeneral Secretary

    Aurelio Tempesta, born in Rome, is currently attending the three-year BSc in Business Economics and Management at Bocconi University. He joined JEME in September 2019, he gained experience mainly in the commercial field in the role of Sales Account and in the communications field in the role of Head of IT & Communication; moreover, he held the position of Project Manager for an important project concerning investments in the digital transformation of the Food, Education and Cultural Heritage sectors before becoming Secretary General.

  • Giulia FerroVice President
    Giulia FerroVice President

    Giulia Ferro, born in Trieste, after earning a bachelor’s degree in International Economics and Finance at the Bocconi University is currently enrolled in the Master in Finance at the same university. During her academic career, she took part in the university’s exchange program which allowed her to spend a semester in Hong Kong, where she attended the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
    Joined JEME at the beginning of 2019, she worked as a Project Manager and Head of the Audit area, before taking on the role of Treasurer. Passionate about economics and finance, she completed an internship at DeA Capital Real Estate SGR.

  • Matteo CorsiPresident
    Matteo CorsiPresident

    Matteo Corsi attends the Master in Business Analytics at the Bocconi University, after having obtained a three-year degree in International Economics and Management there. Matteo is passionate about economics and finance, data analysis and the intersection of these. He gained experience in the Strategy and Operations division at Ernst and Young in Milan and in the Business Operations division of Challenger Bank N26 in Berlin. He spent a semester in Seoul, where he attended Korea University as part of the university’s exchange program. Joined JEME in 2018, he gained experience working as Project Manager, Sales Account and Project Auditor.

  • Guido ReyneriTreasurer
    Guido ReyneriTreasurer

    Guido Reyneri was born in Turin and, after having obtained a BSc in Economics and Finance at Bocconi University, is currently attending the Master’s Degree in Finance . He joined JEME in January 2019 and, after spending an exchange semester at the Stockholm School of Economics, he held the role of Project Manager and Head of the Audit Area before becoming Treasurer.

  • Pierluigi CamadiniInternational Manager
    Pierluigi CamadiniInternational Manager

    Pierluigi Camadini, born in Brescia, is currently attending the second year of the BSc in Economics and Finance at Bocconi University. In JEME, after having worked in the Fashiontech and Medtech fields, he was involved in commercial expansion, later becoming Head of Sales. During his studies, Pierluigi has developed a significant interest in the financial and managerial fields, both nationally and internationally.

Area Heads


The association is internally organized into five operational areas: Audit, Commercial, JEME International, Communication and IT, and Organization and Development. The internal work develops in a matrix structure: each member is part of an area whose management is entrusted to an area manager

  • Alberto HollerHead of Audit
  • Guglielmo FornaroHead of Sales
  • Isacco BertéHead of Human Resources
  • Zaira AntonicelliHead of Communication & Marketing


Within JEME, students with a strong motivation to acquire new knowledge in order to achieve impactful and excellent results, thanks to the constant support of generations of Alumni and teamwork, are brought together

  • Matteo BlasioliSenior Associate
  • Matteo CattadoriSenior Associate
  • Gianluca GianiSenior Associate
  • Stefano SeoniSenior Associate
  • Luca AdorniAssociate Consultant
  • Berkin AkarAssociate Consultant
  • Alberto AntoniolliAssociate Consultant
  • Sebastiano AntonucciAssociate Consultant
  • Sara BernasconiAssociate Consultant
  • Armando BianchimanoAssociate Consultant
  • Edoardo BologneseAssociate Consultant
  • Giovanni CartapaniAssociate Consultant
  • Andrea CarvelliAssociate Consultant
  • Sofia CastelloAssociate Consultant
  • Alberto CattaruzzaAssociate Consultant
  • Riccardo CellaAssociate Consultant
  • Elia CepparoAssociate Consultant
  • Mirko ComerlatiAssociate Consultant
  • Pietro CremaschiAssociate Consultant
  • Uros CvetkovicAssociate Consultant
  • Vincenza Maria De MaioAssociate Consultant
  • Marco DeriAssociate Consultant
  • Federico Carmine Di NinniAssociate Consultant
  • Lidia DurbianoAssociate Consultant
  • Pierleone Even-ShoshanAssociate Consultant
  • Marta Giulia FrancesconAssociate Consultant
  • Edoardo GabrielliAssociate Consultant
  • Marco GalimbertiAssociate Consultant
  • Patrick GiovanniniAssociate Consultant
  • Elia GiustAssociate Consultant
  • Amin HarbiAssociate Consultant
  • Filippo LafronzaAssociate Consultant
  • Cosimo Damiano LisantiAssociate Consultant
  • Moriz MartinerAssociate Consultant
  • Marco MastrangeloAssociate Consultant
  • Alessandro MedicoAssociate Consultant
  • Dylan MirandaAssociate Consultant
  • Matteo Angelo NormannoAssociate Consultant
  • Ozan OcalAssociate Consultant
  • Michele OnoratiAssociate Consultant
  • Ludovica PantanoAssociate Consultant
  • Federico PascoliniAssociate Consultant
  • Federico PedrinoniAssociate Consultant
  • Valentina PignataroAssociate Consultant
  • Lorenzo PippoAssociate Consultant
  • Giorgia PontiAssociate Consultant
  • Riccardo PozziAssociate Consultant
  • Carlo RastelliAssociate Consultant
  • Giacomo RebecchiAssociate Consultant
  • Jiacheng David ShiAssociate Consultant
  • Vinicius Saraiva AndradeAssociate Consultant
  • Filippo TesoAssociate Consultant
  • Alessandro TrisciuoglioAssociate Consultant
  • Alessandro PaladinoAssociate Consultant
  • Giorgio CrociAssociate Consultant
  • Chiara GrecoAssociate Consultant
  • Michele CalvoAssociate Consultant
  • Melissa RosenbergAssociate Consultant
  • Matteo Di LenardaAssociate Consultant
  • Guido MazzacuvaAssociate Consultant
  • Eman Atta MaanAssociate Consultant
  • Emily WuAssociate Consultant
  • Silvia Sanchez SerraAssociate Consultant
  • Luca VenturelliAssociate Consultant
  • Stefano CadoniAssociate Consultant