JEME’s services

Our areas of expertise


We carry out projects regarding the launch of new products, sector studies and definition of strategic positioning to help companies to position themselves on the market.


We help our customers to make themselves known and promote themselves with communication, marketing and social media marketing plans, digitalization and customer satisfaction analysis.


We support companies in preparing business plans and in detecting and analyzing cost structures, proposing innovative solutions for a better rationalization of processes.

Our services

Unconventional business consulting services

In order to adapt to the complex requests of its customers, JEME is able to perform services that are not […]

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Strategic positioning analysis on the market

When we talk about strategic positioning on the market, we refer to a study which, using a previous definition of […]

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Feasibility analysis

The feasibility study aims to define and understand the feasibility of an initiative, outlining the execution plan and estimating costs […]

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Corporate communications strategies

The marketing plan is a planning document with which companies define their communication strategy, allowing them to make their brand, […]

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Entry strategies into new markets

In a large or small business, one of the most complex aspects of corporate life is the strategy of entering […]

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Corporate restructuring

JEME acts as a consultant for corporate reorganization and structuring, developing tailor-made solutions for the needs of companies in crisis […]

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Financial analysis

The economic financial analysis is a document that includes financial statements and forecasts of the client, including all financial analysis […]

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Market analysis

Market analysis, offered both individually and as part of the Business Plan, are broken down into two macro-phases: strategic analysis […]

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Business plan consultancy

What Is a Business Plan? A business plan is a document that outlines a company’s goals and how it intends […]

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Our Approach



We take care of our clients with a dedicated project manager and a team made up of associates from different areas of study and with different strengths and interests, to ensure a comprehensive approach and a wide range of solutions.



Once the client's needs are understood, our team begins work by analyzing all the available information sources (primary, secondary, or both, depending on the service requested), and then proceeds by processing the information in a consultancy service on fit for the customer.



The quality control of work is ensured at JEME thanks to the ISO 9001 certification. In addition, we often rely on the advice of the members of the Advisory Board or our other Alumni for more complex projects. Finally, the customer also has the opportunity to closely follow the progress of the work.



During the development of the project there are numerous opportunities for discussion with the customer, to ensure perfect alignment with his requests. Upon completion, the team draws up, delivers and presents a report that illustrates the results obtained, answering any questions.