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inVRsion is an innovative startup, based in Milan and New York, whose core business is the development of virtual reality solutions for the large retailer landscape.

The project was born as a result of a long and lasting partnership built between inVRsion and JEME over the years and for this reason it is strongly representative of the main objective of our association: to develop partnerships more than just clientelist relationships with the companies we operate with.

Initial situation

With this project, the young company had the objective of structuring a business plan to be used with a dual objective: to present it to target lenders to take on new finance for the development of corporate projects and attach it to the documentation for participation in a European Union call for non-repayable loans.

JEME’s contribution

  • The team managed to complete the job in less than 40 days, counting on great efficiency and wise allocation of resources, as well as on continuous collaboration with the customer.
  • The first macro-phase of market analysis was, as always, declined in the study of the market in which inVRsion operates, identifying the size and the main trends that were developing in it. Therefore, the main results of this analysis was the identification of the main product categories and retailers who may be interested in the implementation of 3D simulation software in their online purchasing processes.
  • In more detail, this first part was corroborated by a Five Forces Porter analysis, from which to highlight the characteristics of the company’s customers and suppliers, as well as the development opportunities of the 3D-Commerce market.
  • The second macro-phase of the project was marked by the description of the internal processes of inVRsion and the assets available to the company, as tangible assets, but above all as intangible assets. Since the customer is fundamentally a technological company, the most relevant case was to bring out all its intangibles, in order to be able to fully express its development capabilities and its evolutionary strength over time.
  • In light of these first phases, the fundamental work of the team involved the realization of the remaining sections of the business plan, such as the description of the corporate vision and, above all, the strategic evolution and implementation of a medium-long term business plan. In particular, through a bottom-up approach, in the realization of these aspects, enormous weight has been given to the evolution of the 3D and V-Commerce market, fundamental point of development of inVRsion for the following years analyzed.
  • Finally, in relation to the strategy, a company positioning plan has been prepared in the international market, so as to be able to distinguish itself from the few, but significant, competing companies from the point of view of the quality of the premium price recognized for its services.

JEME’s impact

Through an in-depth analysis and research work carried out by the JEME team, inVRsion was able to conclude a double round of investment, respectively 3 and 6 million euros, within weeks of the conclusion of the project. Furthermore, through this project, JEME has managed to consolidate a historical partnership with the company, which has allowed her to be the consultant chosen by the same for further business development projects.