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EILF is a non-profit institution, a branch of the EASL International Liver Foundation, whose mission is to raise awareness of liver diseases and finance research activities related to them. The institute turned to JEME, through Prof. Sironi, for the realization of a profiling analysis and identification of suitable investors to meet the financial needs of the initiatives carried out by EILF itself.

Initial situation

In order to achieve the financing objective set by the client, JEME initially focused on understanding the association’s structure and governance profile, in order to accurately frame the internal dynamics and the main KPIs of the same.

At the same time, a focus was also made on the fundraising activities of the main EILF comparables, in order to build an exhaustive picture of the landscape in which the association operates.

JEME’s contribution

  • The team, made up of a PM assisted by 6 consultants, carried out the project in a thorough and effective manner, for the entire duration of the same of 7 months.
  • The first macro-phase of analysis was, as described, a preliminary analysis on the governance of EILF and its operating mechanisms, comparing them, at the same time, with the operations of the main non-profit players who periodically manage fundraising campaigns for their own projects. In the latter activity, it was understood how the associations found in the group of EILF comparables operate in an extremely homogeneous manner and also their fundraising activities are extremely similar. A consequence is also the constancy of the investor profile of the aforementioned associations.
  • In light of this, the core phase of the project was focused on the delineation of the fundamental characteristics of the target investors for the single EILF projects, as well as the creation of a listing of the same. In particular, three main themes for the association were identified, coinciding with the respective pathological categories, through which the interest of particular categories of investors in them was analyzed. The fundamental information and any previous participation in awareness campaigns in relation to these particular issues were then described by these investors. Specifically, within the final listing created for EILF, companies from the insurance sector, wellness-fitness and other international brands in the food & beverage sector were considered.
  • The final act of the analysis was the creation of a communication strategy for the association, which would allow the association to spread its projects and mission to the target of investors.

JEME’s impact

The in-depth analysis carried out by JEME allowed EILF to achieve its fundraising objectives, through which it was able to finance its research and awareness initiatives on the topic of liver disease. JEME is enormously proud of this collaboration, which has allowed the association to work voluntarily on a project with a high social impact, the founding value of our association, making our resources and skills available to EILF in a pro bono format.